• Schedule 40 is the most common. It's a rigid nonmetallic conduit used above and underground.

  • Schedule 80 is similar with a heavier wall and is mainly used in applications where severe physical conditions may exist, such as risers, heavy industrial applications, etc.

  • Both Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 are offered in 10ft & 20ft lengths in sizes ranging from 1/2 - 6 inches in diameter.

  • EB-20 TC-6 (Encased Burial Duct) is rigid nonmetallic conduit used underground for concrete encasement in outdoor trenches and used in outside concrete encased applications only.

  • EB-35 TC-8 (Encased Burial Duct) is similar and used in areas where heavier loading in concrete encasement is anticipated.

  • DB-60 TC-6 (Direct Burial) is rigid nonmetallic conduit used underground for direct burial without encasement in concrete.

  • DB-120 TC-8 (Direct Burial) is similar and used where extra protection is required in direct burial applications.

  • As a standard both EB & DB pipe are sold in 20ft lengths and in wholes sizes ranging from 2 - 6 inches in diameter. (10ft lengths are available upon request)